Ultrabond ECO GPT

A revolutionary hybrid-technology adhesive
for gauged porcelain tile


Easy to trowel

Non-sag, with an adjustibility time of 30 minutes

Strong bond with flexibility

Easy to clean off tile surface in wet or dried state

MAPEI’s Ultrabond ECO GPT combines cutting-edge chemistry with the latest tile technology to create a time- and labor-saving necessity for GPT installations.

Ultrabond ECO GPT

Ultrabond ECO GPT

Hybrid-Polymer-Based Adhesive for Gauged Porcelain Tile

Ultrabond ECO GPT is a single-component, non-sag, easy-to-trowel, hybridpolymer-based adhesive technology specially designed for the installation of gauged porcelain tile and gauged porcelain tile panels/slabs on interior vertical surfaces and countertops. Unique technology advancements are incorporated in the formulation of Ultrabond ECO GPT for delivering instant grab, while allowing for the needed adjustability of panels and large-format tile. Superior bonding performance is complemented with flexibility, deformability and quick-curing characteristics to meet the demands of installing gauged porcelain tile, panels and slabs with application-friendly properties.

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