Mapei at Cersaie 2019

New solutions for the ceramic and natural stone market in Bologna from the 23rd to the 27th of September 2019 – Galleria, Pavilion 25-26


September 18, 2019

At Cersaie 2019 – the most important event of the year for the ceramic and bathroom furnishings sectors – Mapei, one of the world’s leading players in chemical products for the building industry, will be taking part with various new products for the ceramics sector and other supplementary installation solutions specifically developed for tile installers.
Apart from the solutions for the ceramics sector, Mapei will be presenting decorative coatings and protective finishes to create design surroundings. There will also be space for systems aimed at the building industry, with mock-ups of real settings reproducing indoor and outdoor residential and public spaces.

During the trade fair, Mapei will also be organising demonstrations of various products for visitors to the stand, with specialists from Mapei Technical Services on hand to give free advice.

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What’s new from Mapei:

Tradition and innovation are the two bywords Mapei adopts when developing new proposals to meet the requirements of installers and the constantly evolving latest trends and fashions.
On the one hand there is attention to the quality of the materials used and the quest for excellence which reflects the concept of craftsmanship in a product, and on the other hand we have product specialisation to comply with the requirements of users, which vary every time.

In the field of solutions for public settings, Mapei is launching the new colour of mortars for the MAPESTONE system to create architectural stone paving. MAPESTONE PFS 2 WHITE and MAPESTONE PFS VISCO WHITE are recommended for sealing light coloured small blocks, smolleri bricks, cobblestones, slabs, solid stone and prefabricated elements in exposure classes XF4 and XS3.

Excellence in the world of ceramics:

The new Mapei products and systems for the ceramics sector and for the building industry will be on display in mock-ups of real settings to reproduce residential and public spaces; an original way of displaying Mapei systems that are rarely on view, but which in every project really do make a difference.

Each mock-up features a Mapei system and key product used to carry out the work, with a display panel illustrating a genuine example of the system and the packaging for the key product.

Also presented using this system are some of the “historical” solutions that have made Mapei such a famous name in the world of ceramics, such as KERAFLEX MAXI S1, the cementitious adhesive of excellence for installing ceramic, stone and mosaic, and KERAQUICK, the high-performance adhesive for installing natural stone, including large slabs and tiles, enabling flooring to be reopened to intense traffic just 24 hours after installation.

Amongst the most innovative solutions that excel for their technological content we have ULTRALITE lightweight, high-yield adhesives for installing ceramic, including large format tiles, and KERAPOXY DESIGN epoxy grout to enhance the beauty of coatings and surroundings in colours that remain uniform and stable over the years.

There will also be an area dedicated to complementary solutions for installing ceramic, such as TOPCEM PRONTO pre-blended mortar for installing screeds rapidly, MAPELASTIC and MAPELASTIC TURBO elastic membranes for waterproofing bathrooms, swimming pools and balconies before installing ceramic, and MONOLASTIC one-component elastic cementitious mortar.

Quality choices for the building industry:

At Cersaie 2019 Mapei will also be exhibiting specific solutions for decorative coatings and a special place of honour will go to ULTRATOP LOFT, a seamless cementitious coating product for design interiors. ULTRATOP LOFT is a trowellable cementitious paste used for refurbishing existing surfaces and creating new decorative coatings. ULTRATOP LOFT may be applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces and on ceilings to create high quality, seamless floor and wall coverings in surroundings such as resorts, museums and showrooms, and is also the ideal solution in private surroundings for residential use. ULTRATOP LOFT: a combination of high aesthetic impact and excellent mechanical and performance properties. Thanks to ULTRATOP EASYCOLOR it is also possible to create more than 200 shades of ULTRATOP LOFT, which means an infinite array of creative choices for contemporary interior design.

Mapei’s proposals in the finishes field include DURSILAC, a water-based enamel paint for protecting and decorating internal and external wood, steel and rigid PVC substrates, and MAPECOAT ACT acrylic-based enamel paint for internal use certified for the durable protection of surfaces in surroundings where a high level of hygiene is required, such as kitchens, canteens, doctors’ surgeries, out-patient departments, gymnasiums and changing rooms.

Mapei will also be proposing MAPETHERM SYSTEM, the external thermal insulation system which guarantees a reduction of energy consumption and an increase in the level of living comfort by balancing the temperature between rooms and walls.

For the installation of wood flooring, including in bathrooms, Mapei will be proposing ULTRABOND ECO S LITE at the trade fair, a one-component silylated polymer-based adhesive with high resin content and added micro-beads which make this product so light.

Suitable for bonding all types of engineered or pre-sanded laminated wooden flooring and medium size solid wood planks up to 15 cm wide.


Solutions for street furnishing:

For the street furnishing sector, Mapei proposes the MAPESTONE and MAPESTONE JOINT systems for creating architectural stone paving (elastic pervious paving), both fully compliant with UNI 11714-1:2018 standards, and MAPEI COLOR PAVING for road surfaces in exposed aggregate concrete.

In addition to their architectural paving systems Mapei will also be proposing MAPECOAT TNS EXTREME, the new resin coating launched during the 2019 Giro d’Italia, for surfacing areas used by vehicles, pedestrian zones and cycle lanes with a high level of durability and resistance to wear caused by traffic.


Product demonstrations and information corner:

As in previous years, Mapei will be organising product demonstrations at the trade fair to show how to use and apply the solutions and systems correctly.

This year’s programme includes the following demonstrations:

  • installation of large format ceramic tiles with ULTRALITE S2 adhesive, specific for installing all types and formats of tile;
  • decorating features and elements in different materials with DURSILAC water-based enamel paint;
  • installation of MAPEGUARD UM 35 anti-fracture membrane;
  • filling grout lines with KERAPOXY DESIGN.

Apart from watching the product demonstrations, visitors will also be able to find out more about Mapei products and systems by requesting more information from the team of qualified technicians from the Mapei Technical Services Department, who will be available during the entire event.


“Become a Mapei installer” contest:

At Cersaie, Mapei will be inviting visitors to “pose” with products, take a selfie and then participate in the “Become a Mapei installer” social media contest, a photography competition that rewards the originality of potential installers.

To take part in the contest, sign up on the landing page and upload your photo after accepting the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

The contest will be open from the 2nd September until the 15th November 2019.

A panel of judges will choose the most original and funniest photos and the winners will win a kit of professional clothing with the Mapei logo.

For a complete set of the competition rules and the prizes on offer visit our website  

Sustainability: Mapei’s green side

As a chemical company, Mapei acknowledges the importance of adopting good sustainability practices in the quest to promote a more ethical building industry and company-community relationship.

Mapei’s objective has always been to develop products that have less impact on the environment and very low emissions of VOC. The Company is committed to selecting and using innovative and recycled raw materials, reducing energy consumption in its production processes, acquiring environmental credits to offset CO2 emissions from its products into the environment, evaluating the life cycle of its products (LCA – Life Cycle Assessment) and issuing EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) to certify the effects of a product on the environment during its life cycle.

Mapei also play an important role in the development of eco-sustainable projects in compliance with the most important sustainable building protocols, such as LEED and BREEAM, and comply with CAM (Criteri Ambientali Minimi - Minimum Environmental Criteria), which have become mandatory in public tender documents in Italy.

For Mapei, sustainability is not limited to the formulation of sustainable products and the adoption of effective production processes; it also extends to involve people and the local community.

Mapei is committed to encouraging the professional development of its employees and recognising their value to the company by investing in training, welfare and virtuous professional development processes. The Company also takes an active role in the life of local communities and the development of the territory by sponsoring cultural and sporting events and making charitable donations.

The sum of all these activities is the strong point of the Sustainability Report: a report that clearly and openly highlights the environmental, social and economic performance of the Company’s business activities.

On the occasion of Cersaie, Mapei will publish a summary of the business activities of the parent company, Mapei S.p.A., and of all the company’s subsidiaries in Italy.

Key data and figures from the document will be on display at the trade fair on a series of dedicated display panels and screens.


Some of the figures: 820.9 million Euros distributed to stakeholders in 2018; 35.7 million Euros invested in R&D activities in 2018; 2,726 tonnes of CO2 avoided in 2018 (through the production of energy from their own photovoltaic cells and high-yield cogeneration plants); 94% of the workforce have a permanent contract of employment; approximately 42,200 hours of training for employees (19 hours pro-capita); approximately 32 million Euros to sponsor sporting, cultural and social initiatives.


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