Mapei at ANCI Expo

Arezzo Exhibition and Congress Centre from 19th to 21st November - Stand 30/31

November 12, 2019

Mapei is once again participating at ANCI EXPO, the annual exhibition dedicated to services and solutions for local administrations scheduled to be held from 19th to 21st November at the Arezzo Exhibition and Congress Centre.

For Mapei, this event represents the opportunity to meet engineers from local administrations and to present solutions aimed specifically at the urban landscaping sector. This sector has a dedicated line of technological products and systems to help carry out quality interventions that meet the needs of local administrators, as well as those of building companies.

The performance characteristics of Mapei products, developed in the company’s own Research & Development laboratories, are suitable for application in a wide array of settings and areas of use and guarantee that any work carried out is safe and has a high level of durability that will not require any further maintenance work.

The proposals from Mapei at ANCI EXPO 2019 will include:

Rapid, long-lasting products for repairing road surfaces: MAPE-ASPHALT REPAIR 0/8 ready-to-use reactive asphalt for repairing asphalt road surfaces with a quick, long-lasting solution without interrupting the flow of traffic.

Resin flooring systems: MAPECOAT TNS EXTREME epoxy-acrylic resin coating for trafficked areas, cycle lanes and pedestrian zones with a high level of durability, available in a host of different colours.

Systems for installing stone in the centre of towns and cities:

- MAPESTONE, an integrated system for installing and grouting architectural stone paving resistant to mechanical stresses and loads induced by heavy goods vehicles and freeze-thaw cycles.

- MAPESTONE JOINT, a polyurethane binder for installing elastic and pervious stone paving, ideal for grouting joints between setts, paving blocks and cobblestones loose-filled with aggregates and for creating stone paving set on bound laying beds.

MAPESTONE and MAPESTONE JOINT systems may be used to install paving compliant with UNI 11714-1:2018 and UNI 11714-2:2019 standards.

Architectural concrete paving: MAPEI COLOR PAVING®, a system developed specifically for creating exposed aggregate effect paving with high mechanical performance characteristics and durability, available in any personalised finish.


2019 Cresco Sustainable Cities Award

Mapei award – Systems for refurbishing sports floors to create long-lasting, elastic playing surfaces with a high level of comfort during play


During ANCI EXPO, Mapei will be taking part in the prize-giving ceremony for the 2019 Cresco Sustainable Cities Award, an initiative of the Sodalitas Foundation open to town councils that have implemented sustainable projects.

Alongside the awards assigned by Sodalitas in the Business category, this year’s Mapei award will go to the town council that commits to implementing refurbishment projects for sports surfaces that combine both current norms and regulations with the latest technology, developed for the benefit of everybody and designed to last years.

The winning council will receive specialised technical support from Mapei to help them assess and choose the best solution in terms of both application cycle and colour scheme, in order to guarantee the sustainability, efficiency and durability of the system and its compliance with current norms and regulations.


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