Mapei invites people, professional and communities to join together in Rebuilding Italy

In such a difficult time as the one we are currently facing, Mapei is alongside their clients and local communities to send out a message of faith and recovery

May 20, 2020

In this current state of emergency Mapei, a leading global manufacturer of chemical products for the building industry, has chosen to send out a message of solidarity to local communities, professionals and people in general to Work together for the Recovery of Italy.

A message that is intended to act as both a tribute to the people, the true added value of our nation, and an invitation to become the architects of the rebuilding of Italy, our homeland.
Against such a difficult backdrop Mapei is standing alongside sector professionals and every man and woman that share Mapei's determination and their wish to never give up, to "carry on pedalling and keep our balance".

The multi-themed communications campaign, which extends across all the main digital and social network platforms, features two images alongside one another: the first image is of a person in their home or office, while the second image represents one of the men or women from Mapei on site offering support in their recovery, the recovery of our Nation. The message “Italy is our home. Let's rebuild it together” will be the link for the entire campaign.

And every single day, all those Italians who have shown such an enormous sense of responsibility and integrity are a source of inspiration for Mapei in their mission to make a contribution to improving the quality of everyone's lives by creating increasingly sustainable chemical building products.

Ethics, Transparency, Commitment, Passion, Respect and Responsibility are just some of the values which inspire Mapei every single day, values which are shared with the market, clients, suppliers, collaborators and organisations the company deals and works with on a regular basis.

These values represent Mapei's identity card, the principles that drive the business in the production of cutting-edge solutions and in providing consultancy and support services.

This rich heritage has enabled Mapei to become a key player on international markets and a Partner of construction companies all around the world.



Mapei Products and Systems

Mapei products are the result of the company's focus on ever-evolving market trends and their thorough understanding of the needs of sector professionals and buyers: their portfolio contains more than 5,000 products, the result of intense Research and Development work carried out in the 31 Mapei laboratories located in Italy and around the world, and are developed according to principles of sustainability and durability.



Over the years, Mapei has been an advocate of an increasingly sustainable building industry and has become more and more aware of the impact building practices can have on the environment and on future generations. Which is why Mapei products are formulated with innovative, recycled and ultra-lightweight raw materials, specifically developed to reduce energy consumption and to have very low emission level of volatile organic compounds.
Mapei products are designed to have improved mechanical properties and extended durability so that components and structures have a longer life cycle, which naturally also leads to a reduction in waste and the overall consumption of raw materials.
Mapei solutions also help earn credits for the various green rating protocols implemented around the world (such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL and CAM).


Technical Services

Mapei has always been close to their clients and knows how important their work can be. Which is why they offer a highly experienced and highly specialised Technical Service, featuring a consultancy and support service for their products and systems during every phase of a job, from the design stage right up to the execution of building and construction work.
The expertise and knowhow matured over the years on sites all around the world represent the real added value of Mapei, helping to guaranteeing that the end result is a project of quality, built to remain durable over the years.



Mapei products are designed to be used by professionals and their correct use is indispensable for the successful outcome of a project. Which is why Mapei has developed a comprehensive range of classroom-based and online training courses. Mapei Academy proposes a series of training activities held by the Technical Services Department and by Mapei Specialists, which are aimed at all those operating in the building industry, whatever their role or level: designers, site managers, contractors, users and retailers.


Global Experience

Testimony of Mapei's extensive experience, matured over more than 80 years of doing business, is their presence on construction sites all around the world: from small to large-scale domestic building work to the most prestigious and iconic works of engineering.

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