Ultracoat Renew FL: the quick and simple Mapei solution for finishing wood

Refurbish existing wood flooring without removing the old treatment
September 27, 2021
Thanks to its extensive experience in solutions for installing and maintaining all types of flooring, Mapei has developed ULTRACOAT RENEW FL, a special solution that allows a new finish to be applied on existing wood without sanding it beforehand.

This innovative product, developed by the Mapei R&D laboratories, acts as an adhesion promoter when applying new coats of water-based lacquer so there is no need to abrade or remove the old finish, thereby avoiding the risk of changing the nature and characteristics of the original wood, such as its bevelled edges or brushed finish.

Apart from a significant saving in terms of cost, using ULTRACOAT RENEW FL also avoids the inconveniences of traditional abrading operations, such as creating dust and more time being required to carry out the work.

When used as part of a complete application system, in combination with the surface finish ULTRACOAT HT 2K, apart from refurbishing wood, it hygienises the entire treated surface and protects it against the proliferation of bacteria in compliance with ISO 22196, as illustrated in test report No. IMSL2020/07/015.1A.

With the introduction of ULTRACOAT RENEW FL Mapei completes its range of systems offering high and very high levels of protection for wood, systems which also safeguard the environment and the health of users of the products and those who live and use the rooms where they are applied. The ULTRACOAT solutions by Mapei are also certified EMICODE EC1 and EC1PLUS for their very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

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