The high performance soundproofing system for floating screeds compliant with legal requirements.

MAPESILENT ROLL is specifically developed to guarantee rapid and excellent effective soundproofing properties for floors to counteract impact and footstep noise; complies with passive acoustic requirements for buildings specified by Prime-ministerial Decree 5-12-97 and meets requirements for the highest acoustic efficiency classes specified by UNI 11367.

Thanks to its compact thickness and simple installation, Mapesilent is the ideal system to counteract impact and footstep noise and to create floating screeds perfectly isolated from the substrate on which to install any type of wood, ceramic, natural stone, resilient or resin flooring.

The Mapesilent system is available in 3 different configurations: Mapesilent Comfort, MAPESILENT ROLL and Mapesilent Panel, each with its own particular characteristics and properties.

Mapesilent Comfort is a closed-cell, foam-polyethylene mat available in handy rolls with a very compact thickness; easy handling and rapid application.

MAPESILENT ROLL is an elastic-plastomeric membrane sandwiched to a layer of polyester fibre characterised by its high soundproofing capacity and resistance to impact loads, properties that help prevent potential damage during site activities.

Mapesilent Panel is available in 1m x 1m panels and stands out for its excellent soundproofing properties and its ability to increase the thermal insulation and soundproofing capacity of floors, as well its high resistance to tears and impact loads.

The Mapesilent system is completed with two products indispensable to guarantee continuity in the soundproofing layer: Mapesilent Band R self-adhesive acoustic edging strip and Mapesilent Tape, special adhesive tape for sealing overlaps between the single elements of the system.

As a support to design engineers, MAPEI offers their free DataMapesilent® acoustic calculation software, a simple tool to help design insulating systems and verify the acoustic and thermal performance properties of floors soundproofed with the Mapesilent system.


Ideal for:

Meeting the passive acoustic requirements of PM Decree 5-12-97 and to improve the acoustic class of buildings, preventing damage to the soundproofing system during routine site activities, use in combination with heated floors, creating perfectly isolated floating screeds on which to install any type of flooring, being part of the design process to calculate expected acoustic performance properties.

It is recommended to contact our Technical Services Division for further information about Mapei soundproofing solutions and integrated systems.


  • Excellent soundproofing properties
  • Ideal for new builds
  • Suitable for any type of flooring
  • Systems may be designed using datamapesilent®

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