The joy of silence, feel the true meaning of wellbeing. Mapesonic CR, the solution to counteract impact and footstep noise.

MAPESONIC CR is the Mapei solution for acoustic living comfort: reduces discomfort due to impact and footstep noise (heels, moving chairs and furniture around, impact noise from falling objects, etc.).

MAPESONIC CR is a rubber and cork-backed sheet made from recycled and recyclable materials available in two thicknesses, 2 mm and 4 mm; may be applied under new ceramic, stone, resilient and laminated wood paving.

MAPESONIC CR is a system that is simple and quick to install and is specifically designed to improve soundproofing capacity against impact and footstep noise, in compliance with the requirements of Prime-ministerial Decree 5-12-97, without having to remove old flooring beforehand. And, because it may be applied directly over old flooring before installing the new flooring, it is particularly recommended for buildings undergoing renovation work. Ideal also to increase acoustic comfort in new builds that already have a soundproofing system installed on the floors.

MAPESONIC CR is also characterised by its very low emission of volatile organic compounds certified by GEV (Emicode EC1 Plus).

Thanks to its compact thickness and low thermal inertia, Mapesonic CR soundproofing mat may also be used in combination with heated floors.


Ideal for:

Counteracting transmission of impact and footstep noise as per the requirements of PM Decree 5-12-97, improving the level of soundproofing in rooms without having to remove the old flooring, installing directly under new ceramic, stone and laminated wood flooring, soundproofing heated floors, respecting the environment thanks to its high content of recycled and recyclable materials.

It is recommended to contact our Technical Services Division for further information about how to soundproof existing or new floors to perfection. To soundproof wood, ceramic, porcelain, marble, PVC and linoleum floors refer to the Mapei technical documentation and see all the technical characteristics of our rolls of 2 mm and 4 mm soundproofing material and advice about their correct installation. Mapei soundproofing solutions are specifically designed to counteract impact and footstep noise in residential and civil settings. The compact Mapei system is the result of more than 80 years of experience in developing solutions for the building industry.


  • Excellent soundproofing properties
  • System with anti-fracture desolidarizing properties
  • Eco-friendly
  • May be combined with heated floors

Thickness: 2 mm and 4 mm.
– 20 x 1 m sheets (2 mm thick);
– 10 x 1 m sheets (4 mm thick).
Reduction of noise from footsteps EN ISO 140-8: 10 dB.
Density (kg/m³): 700.
Colours: brown-black.
Tensile strength EN ISO 1798 (N/mm²): 0.6.
Elongation at failure EN ISO 1798 (%): 20.
Reduction of noise from footsteps EN ISO 140-8: 10 dB.
Certified: Technical Report N. PX21361-1.
EMICODE: EC1 Plus - very low emission.

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