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November 19, 2020. 8:48 PM

Can I set a shower-pan bed and install tile in one day?

Setting shower pan beds fast and installing tiles quickly have been a concern for contractors who are given a tight installation schedule. With that said, the answer to this blog’s title is yes – a shower pan can be built, set and ready for tiles in…

August 3, 2020. 5:39 PM

Can mortars be used to patch or level floors?

The title of this blog is a frequently asked question that tile installers have considered when a concrete or plywood substrate has dips or humps in the floor. Because mortar will stick to the concrete slab and the wood subfloor, and mortar will…

August 20, 2018. 9:14 PM

Crack-isolation basics

We have all seen them — unsightly cracks running through tile floors. While ceramic tile and stone flooring are durable, they cannot overcome the laws of physics. When cracks open up in the substrate below, they often will telegraph up through the…

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