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MAPEI Tech Talk is a blog devoted to the flooring and construction industry. It is updated on a regular basis by the social media team at MAPEI Americas, and it will feature guest bloggers occasionally as we provide you with viewpoints from across the industry.
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Blue Stains on Tile
by Nick Valenti
Restoring the I-80 Verdi Bridge
by Marta Pineda
MAPEI Product Support
by Audrey Chapman
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January 7, 2019 - 16.36
Blue Stains on Tile
by Nick Valenti
Are the tiles in your shower, or perhaps the shower head or faucets, turning blue? What causes this discoloration and where does it come from? In most cases, it is caused by the water flowing through your pipes having a low (acidic) pH. Chances are your water pipes are made of copper and the blue discoloration is the result of the insides of the pipes being attacked by the aggressive low pH water. To ...
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November 10, 2018 - 00.39
Restoring the I-80 Verdi Bridge
by Marta Pineda
November is National Historic Bridge Awareness Month and to commemorate it, we would like to highlight several bridge projects and MAPEI’s contribution to preserve them.  Historical or not, many of our nations' bridges were built decades ago and exist today. We live in an era of insufficient infrastructure funding; which is where restoration and preservation becomes ...
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November 6, 2018 - 17.25
MAPEI Product Support
by Audrey Chapman
You have the questions and MAPEI Product Support has the answers! Whether you are a first-time Do-It-Yourselfer putting up a kitchen backsplash, or a seasoned General Contractor bidding on a billion dollar construction project, our highly experienced staff are ready to help answer your questions! Read on to discover the Who, What, When, How and Why about MAPEI Product Support. What kinds ...
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September 17, 2018 - 16.45
Does Grout Need to be Sealed
by Denise Troiano
As a Product Support team member, I get asked this question often. The answer is simple, no, it does not need to be sealed. The better question would be, “Should I seal my grout?” Grout is a cement-based product mixed with chemicals, water, and in many cases sand. Portland cement based grouts are particularly porous. Porous grouts attract water, dirt, oils, etc. While the tile industry does ...
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September 12, 2018 - 22.01
Large and Heavy Tile Mortar Basics
by Dan Marvin
For thousands of years , tiles were a few inches across because those sizes were easiest to make and fire in a traditional kiln. As recently at the 1980's, 8"x8" floor tiles and 4"x4" wall tiles were typical. The introduction of the roller-hearth kiln changed all of that. There was no longer a size restriction on how large a tile could be and manufacturers raced to make tiles larger to meet changing ...
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