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Mapei products and systems for the marine industry

November 10, 2017

The next edition of MetsTrade, the international trade show dedicated to marine equipment, is to be held in Amsterdam from the 14th to the 16th of November and Mapei will be taking part with its articulated portfolio of solutions and systems developed specifically for the marine transport industry.

The Mapei Marine line is a range of products and solutions created thanks to Mapei’s exclusive wealth of experience in this specific application sector. A range of integrated products and solutions which form a complete system that guarantees certified quality, excellent performance characteristics, functionality, reliability, long-term durability, ease of use and simple application.

Mapei’s exhibition space at SYP Stand 11.210 - Hall 11 will be proposing systems for both building and overhauling new and old boats and ships which integrate a range of versatile solutions and products specifically developed for use and application in different areas (public, internal and external). Mapei Marine solutions and systems are both reliable and functional. What is more, the wide range of colours available for the systems helps create surroundings of high class and quality.


Not just materials but design and colour

The comprehensive Mapei Marine line includes high performance and functional solutions and materials that enrich and enhance the aesthetics of spaces and surroundings. The systems being proposed have a new look, with more emphasis on aesthetics and design, tailor made and Made in Italy, and to the visitors’ eyes they become genuine furnishing accessories.


Sealants for caulking teak

Through their collaboration with Wolz Nautic Italy, Mapei presents the grey silicone sealant for caulking teak MAPESIL M300G TDK: a one-component product resistant to atmospheric agents specifically developed for caulking joints in traditional wooden decking systems on boats and yachts.


Care and maintenance

Mapei Marine also proposes ULTRACARE 4 YACHT, a range of solutions for the care and routine and non-scheduled maintenance of boats. This comprehensive family of products allows you to restore the beauty of surfaces and give new life to yachts. Specific products to remove dirt and to polish and protect surfaces, both internally and externally. Multi-purpose putties for filling and finishing operations. ULTRACARE 4 YACHT also includes a range of accessory items to be used alongside these products to help care for boats.

During the trade show, visitors will be able to watch Mapei technicians carry out live practical demonstrations of solutions for the care and maintenance of boats.


Internal and external areas

For public and internal areas, Mapei Marine proposes highly technological systems for all types of flooring (marble, wood, carpet, resin and ceramic): substrates, adhesives and grouts with Fast Track Ready technology, primers and adhesives for installing wooden flooring and carpet and, lastly, solutions for seamless flooring with harmonious, original patterns. Mapei also has solutions for wellbeing areas and swimming pools, both for waterproofing saunas, bathrooms and tubs and for installing and grouting mosaic. In kitchens and galleys, where certain standards of health and cleanliness need to be maintained, Mapei proposes products and solutions that comply with the levels of hygiene required: solutions for installing ceramic or to create seamless resin surfaces. For cabins and internal areas used by the crew the solutions proposed combine practicality, resistance and aesthetics and help safeguard the wellbeing of users thanks to products with very low emission of volatile organic compounds. And lastly, for internal spaces, Mapei has solutions with chemical resistance to atmospheric agents and resistance to footsteps and fatigue.

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Solutions for every type of site

Every site has its own unique challenges. This is why Mapei solutions are organised according to site requirements and for areas of use with the aim to offer all professionals from the building industry a complete service.

Focus On

High-performance cementitious adhesives:  for the best installation of ceramic tiles and stone
Two-component, flexible cementitious mortar for waterproofing balconies, terraces, bathrooms and swimming pools.
Washable water-based paint with low dirt pick-up and excellent washability for internal walls.
Planitop Rasa & Ripara
Planitop Rasa & Ripara
Quick-setting, fibre-reinforced, compensated-shrinkage, thixotropic cementitious mortar for repairing and smoothing concrete


Mapei products have been used in thousands of projects all around the world, from large-scale projects to commercial spaces, from residential projects to works of public interest: our technical assistance and consultancy service are an integral part of our offer and of our daily commitment.

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