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Concrete Flooring Solutions: the new Mapei line for industrial flooring

Mapei proposes innovative solutions for durable flooring
October 14, 2022

Thanks to its vocation as an industry pioneer, Mapei is meeting the growing demand from the logistics sector with Concrete Flooring Solutions (CFS), a new line of products and services dedicated to every phase of the design and installation of industrial flooring

The natural interfaces for CFS are all those professional figures involved in the construction of large logistics hubs that are springing up all around the world, and that are looking to install durable and high quality concrete flooring.

Mapei is now the leading manufacturer of structural polymer fibres for concrete in Italy and one of the main manufacturers in Europe. The company’s San Cesario plant in the Province of Modena is where the various types of polymer fibres are manufactured, with different physical/mechanical characteristics according to specific technical and application requirements, from tunnelling to pre-casting, and from UHPC concrete to industrial flooring.

And with our constant focus on the wellbeing of the environment and people, Mapei continues to make an important contribution to a building sector increasingly focused on the health of the planet: apart from improving the mechanical properties of concrete by increasing its durability, ductility and fatigue resistance, synthetic fibres also guarantee a reduction in CO2 emissions in various applications. There are numerous reasons that qualify synthetic fibres as sustainable technology, and these may be easily identified during both the manufacturing phase and the application phase.

CFS is available to design engineers, general contractors, construction companies and users with a series of services for every executive phase of flooring: from the structural design of concrete slabs to on-site technical support; supplying mix design studies, qualifying mixes directly at concrete plants and, lastly, with real-time checks and testing through the Mapei Mobile Concrete Lab.

Within the comprehensive range of products for industrial flooring, this new line proposes not only fibres for structural use and super-plasticising admixtures; there are also quartz sands for broadcasting, curing agents, lithium silicate-based surface treatments and products to create check joints. An increasingly specialised market requires long-lasting solutions with low maintenance costs: Mapecrete System, the innovative Mapei solution for jointless floors, is the answer to this demand.

The Deep Water Container Terminal in Gdansk, the UPS Logistics Centre in Orio al Serio, the Docks logistics centre in Arquata Scrivia, the Lidl logistics centre and the Pirelli Logistic Center in Turin, the Prologis warehouses at Bologna Interport, the Amazon warehouses in Zaragoza and Oviedo are just some of the projects created with the support of Concrete Flooring Solutions from Mapei.

With its innovative spirit and strong focus on research, Mapei also collaborates with various domestic and international Universities, supplying its knowhow and experience for the development of experimental projects to carry out research into new application technologies in the fibre-reinforced concrete sector.

To find out more about the new Mapei Concrete Flooring Solutions line, please visit the web site.

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